The Family show

Are you looking for a show that is suitable for all ages and fun? Do you want everybody talking about your amazing event? This family show is a magic show full of energy, humour, wonder and interaction for ages 3 to 93 years.

During the show, Jochem looks for the richest guy or girl in the family. It happens that one of the kids has hidden some coins in her hair, behind her ears and in her nose. The fun uncle gets fooled and one of the family members levitates together with the magician a small table trough the hall.


This show is very interactive. Sometimes, the whole family participates in one single act while other times the performers are volunteers from the audience. The illusions are always wonderful and comical.

All ages

This show is designed for the whole family. It is not just a ‘fit’ for all ages, but also fun for everyone involved. The show will always be full of energy and with the best magic illusions.

Technical aspects

The magic show lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, comes with a sound set up to 150 people and requires a stage (area of 3 x 4 metres and chairs in front of the stage).


After the show, Jochem can mingle with the guests as a table magician. That way everyone is personally involved in the act. One gets the chance to see everything, to touch and to experience the wonder up close.

Warning: Experiencing illusions from so close can lead to sleepless nights.

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Tafelgoochelaar Jochem doet de handentruc
Jochem in actie - theatershow