Pickpocketing and magic

Table magic and pickpocketing go great together. Jochem knows how to quickly get a hand on personal items such as watches, phones, keys, and wallets. It’s a comedy act as bystanders immediately see what is being robbed. All possessions will of course immediately after the act be given back to the rightful owner. A wristwatch is then packaged in a gift box, a stolen glasses; Jochem will be wearing himself or he asks the guest if he wants to have a piece of his own chewing gum.


Distraction is the key of pickpocketing. The person who is robbed does not realise he is losing more and more of his personal items, but anyone else around can see it happening. This makes the act quite comical to watch.

The combination with magic is fun because a magic trick can be used as a distraction while pickpocketing. The guest who is being robbed is watching his own hands while Jochem is in his pockets. The surrounding audience gets an insight into the magician’s diversion techniques.

Combining Tablemagic and pickpocketing

Pickpocketing can be perfectly combined with magic. The combination with table magic is regularly booked. Pickpocketing is obviously only used for entertainment purposes.

Pickpocket Jochem

Jochem Nooyen will stun your audience repeatedly as he acts as a pickpocket. Regular items that are robbed with success are watches, purses, money, ties, pens, phones, scarves, badges, etc. Jochem studies his audience; not everyone has a lot of stuff with them and some people are just not easy to steal from.

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