The fun Show

The fun show is as it says; a fun show! Jochem combines humour and magic into a great and entertaining show. By keeping the show interactive and by engaging the audiences in many acts a lot of fun moments arise. Sometimes it seems as if Jochem explaines a trick, but then again he fools you. The floating table  as the final act of the show always makes peoples yaws drop open.

The show

The show lasts between 20 and 45 minutes depending on your wishes. Fun and wonderful tricks are at the base of this show. A fun and amazing show alltogether. You will most definately get great audience reactions when you book The Fun Show.

Combine with Tablemagic

The fun show is easy to combine with tablemagic, or pickpocketing. These are usually booked together.

Jochem in actie - theatershow
magican escapes from his jacket

Time flies, we fully enjoyed the show.

Mw Dijkgraaf

An amazing magician and above all a charming man.

Alwine Hoedemaker

Top entertainment at our wedding.

Bart Kuyper