Discover the secrets of the magic world in a fun workshop. The workshop starts off with Jochem performing an act. He then asks each participant to secrecy and the workshop can begin. Jochem explains various magic techniques and teaches some strong magic tricks. Magic is all about distraction, so in addition to the techniques that you need, in order to perform the trick well, it will also be about the right presentation.

Jochem Nooyen graduated in 2007 from the theatre school as drama teacher and director. He is a great coach and teacher.

Illusion and disillusion

Of course, it is nice to know how a magic trick works. Finally, an answer to the question “how he did he do that?” But remember, by knowing how magic trick works, it will often lose all magic and wonder. Therefore, an illusion turns into a disillusion. Even if you know how the trick works, you, as a magician, still have to bring the magic to the table.

In any case, after this workshop, you will be able to amaze friends and family with amazing magic tricks.

Book the workshop magic

This workshop is nice to do at a company event. Enjoy hilarious moments with friends or colleagues.

On television Jochem is regularly featured in the Dutch TV program ‘Zapp’s Magic Shop’ where he teaches magic tricks to children.

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