The best about a table magician is that he can act between the guests and therefore can bring a special atmosphere to the party. Because the magician connects with small groups, he makes new connections between those who perhaps would not talk to each other.

Wonderful and humorous

Spoil and amaze your guests with a performance of Jochem Nooyen, the table magician. He displays his magic up close to different groups of people. From different corners of the room, you will hear oh’s and ah’s and everyone will be discussing your event for a very long time.

Jochem can read people’s minds. He makes people experience the illusion of telekinesis. He picks up every now and then a watch, which of course he will always give back but then it is suddenly wrapped in a locked jewellery box. The act is wondrous and comical and has a lot of interaction with your guests. Table Magic has a high entertainment value and it will definitely boost your party or event.

Perfect icebreaker

A magician at your party is the perfect icebreaker. The artist knows how to create ambience and creates common ground. Very useful if not everyone knows each other. After the magician does a magic trick at a table, everyone has something to talk about.

tafelgoochelaar Jochem Nooyen
  • See everything from close up

  • Works on every event

  • 9 out of 10 on customer reviews


Jochem mingles with the audience and with every short magic show at each table, the ambience at your party gets better. People clap, scream, or are silently amazed. Jochem has many years of experience as a table magician and knows when it’s appropriate to appear at a table. He was a magician for many years in one of the biggest themed restaurants in the Netherlands: The Party Company.

Jochem presents his tricks witty and energetic. He always has some very special magic tricks to entertain you.

Table Magic

Table magic is perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, receptions, weddings and family celebrations. If there are enough tables available at your party, Jochem walks around. If not, there is also an option to bring a small mobile table. If you hire Jochem for your party, you are ensured an evening with a lot of entertainment.

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Table Magic and a show?

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